Heterosexual Pants

[Photograph of label inside pair of jeans]HETEROSEXUAL TROUSERS FOR SALE?

These were spotted in a local Tesco store. They are clearly labelled as not being suitable for homosexual men.

It is perhaps nice to know that straight men can now begin to dress better on a budget.


Coleslaw Overkill


It would seem from this picture (click pic to enlarge), that there is a LOT of coleslaw on aisle 5.

Ironically, there was NO coleslaw to be found on aisle 5, just green vegetables on one side and ready meals on the other.

Perhaps Tesco were anticipating a great demand for coleslaw this Christmas holidays?

Who knows… but Merry Christmas with or without it anyway!

Cheesy Prices


I would suspect that most shoppers would expect basic British Cheddar to be the most popular and therefore the cheapest cheese.  This would be the staple cheese, the stuff of lunchtime sandwiches, packed lunches for the children, and family snacks in the evening.

[Galloway Cheddar £10.35/kg]These same people would expect imported cheese to be more expensive. Fancy French cheese, such as Camembert and Brie would be thought-of as an expensive treat.  Well, think again; here’re the prices from the supermarket shelves.

£11.50 Cathedral City Lighter Slices
£10.35 Galloway grated cheddar cheese
£8.00 Brie
£7.52 Tesco British Medium Cheddar
£7.03 Mclelland’s seriously strong cheddar
£6.16 Camembert

[Camember £6.16/kg]I would imagine this would come as a surprise to most people. Camembert is the cheapest!

I did a pop quiz around my friends, family and acquaintances, and there was genuine surprise. Many cheeses from all over the world are cheaper than what we consider to be bog standard house cheese.

The moral of this story is not just to shop around to get what you buy cheaper, but to question what you think is cheap in the first place. If you could find an everyday sandwich cheese that was cheaper than cheddar, yet tastier and more exotic, why would you stick with cheddar?

Smelly, Cheap, Chubby Baby!

[Picture of Tesco's Chubby-baby Smell me doll baby]CHUBBY BABY IS BAD ENOUGH, BUT “SMELL ME”?

It makes one wonder what substances toy makers must abuse to come up with such ridiculousness!

Honestly, things are getting worse when the supermarket shelves are filled with cheap, fat, smelly baby dolls.

[Double click on the image to enlarge].

Football Racket

[Expensive football at Tesco]EXPLOITATION. That’s all it is really.

With the summer apparently due any time now, I decided I would buy a football as a gift. Imagine my horror to see that footballs are for sale in my local Tesco supermarket at £20 each!

Yes! Twenty Pounds Sterling. Click on the picture to enlarge and see the price tag.

[More expensive balls at Tesco]This is unbelievable. I searched for cheaper footballs, and found some at £17.00 — three quid cheaper — why?

Most of the more expensive ones did not appear to have any branding or designer logos, and they weren’t made of leather or pigskin with an inner tube or anything fancy. Nope. these balls were straightforward plastic footballs with a valve — how can the price be justified?

Most of what you get for your money is air! Plastic and air for twenty quid! five balls for £100! Fifty balls for a grand. This is madness!

  • I really pity parents – especially single-parents; it must be so much more expensive to raise children nowadays compared with when I was growing up. We could buy a football with pocket money, but with a ball costing around £20.00, one has to ask how much pocket money do they get?

To be frank, I was expecting a football for boys to kick about the park to cost about a pound — maybe even as high as £3 or £4 for something branded or fancy in some way — but I was not prepared for the shock of £20.00! What a money-spinning racket!

Things are certainly getting worse! Needless to say, I didn’t bother buying that football — I would have had to pay it up in instalments!

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