Tree Trunk Calls

[Picture of telephone wiring street connection box complete with interference]WHEN A BOX FULL OF WIRES IS INVADED BY VEGETATION, MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED.

Click on the picture to enlarge the photograph, you will see that this box of wires has been maintained — by painting the plant the same colour as the box! Notice too that the plant has been pruned!

This is incredible, so strong is the vegetation, that the doors have been burst open.  Heaven knows how the telephones work in this area of Glasgow City.

Things are definitely getting worse when people simply try to paint out growing problems that ought to have been nipped in the bud.


Suicide on Hold

SUICIDE IS POPULAR ON BIG BRIDGES. As a result, there are emergency life-saving floats and rings as well as emergency telephones.

[Picture of a Samaritan phone out of order on American bridge]In the USA, they also have special Samaritan telephones — phones to talk people out of suicide. Now, I don’t know about you, but my thinking is that if someone went to a bridge to kill themselves, they would not be very likely to pick up the phone for help at that stage.

Just as well, too, because I have received a picture of one of these special hotline-helpline telephones, with a sign saying it is out of order! Click on the Picture to enlarge.

Let’s hope things stop getting worse in 2008!

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