Packaging Ironic

[picture of device for opening stubborn hard plastic packages]WE WERE SENT THIS PICTURE BY E-MAIL RECENTLY, AND THOUGHT IT QUITE IRONIC.

What do you think?

If you double click on the image, it will enlarge — it shows a device that helps you open stubborn hard plastic sealed packing — but the device itself comes in stubborn hard plastic sealed packaging!

Are things getting worse, or is this an attempt to be “funny”?


Flaked off


The responsibility shifts from the shop and the manufacturer to the consumer and purchaser; you have been told what’s in the food, so it’s up to you from them on.

OK, well, how come I was in Tesco the other day, and I wanted to base my buying decision on amount of fat, calories, and so forth. I needed the information to compare between brands of cornflakes… however there were two sizes of a well-known cornflake brand — and the nutritional information was different — how come? It’s the same brand, the same product, surely the only difference was the size of the box?

So I took out my camera to prove it — see for yourself. Click pictures to enlarge.

[Picture of nutritional information on cornflakes packet][Picture of nutritional information on cornflakes packet]

One has Fat at 0.3g and less than one per cent of daily amount, the other has Fat at 0.3g and zero percent!

One has Saturates at a Trace and less than one percent of the daily amount, while the other has Saturates at 0.1g and zero per cent, and only one of the boxes had Iron!

This is a single example (I cannot walk round a supermarket taking pictures) that can serve to illustrate the point that the information creates dubiety and uncertainty. Things are getting worse!

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