Strange Place to Have a Door


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This magazine states:


I have never heard of anyone having a door in their pyjamas, let alone smashing it down. This is a “World Exclusive”.  I fear that this glamorises domestic violence (or at the very least, normalises it). I cannot see what is to be gained by leading with this story; it cannot be good for anyone reading about it or involved in it.

The fact that he smashed down a door is enough, the added detail of being in his pyjamas is irrelevant – but it serves to just lower the tone that extra notch, it is the same as the choice of the word “Frolicked” or the term “Breakdown”.

This poor couple are going through a rough, tough time. They are not really celebrities, but they are not “ordinary” people either. It is such a shame that their financial security depends on having their ups and downs displayed on trash magazine covers.

Yes, Things Are getting Worse.


Why Pay?

[Picture of Toy Trucks that advertise Tesco]TARGET THE CHILDREN!

You may recall that in our post entitled, “Power Message” from back in February 2008, we railed against toys that got brand names across to children.

Well, this is similar, but instead of pretend Black and Decker or Bosch tools, we have the supermarket (and its message) directly involved.

Click on the picture to enlarge.  You can buy a toy truck that says “You Shop We Drop” or “Why Pay More?”.

Things are getting worse when subliminal advertising is aimed at the children of the poor.

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