Paris Seine

[Photo of mislabelled baguettes]THIS WAS SPOTTED IN A LOCAL GLASGOW CO-OP.

Click on the image to enlarge.

It’s a basket of Bread. Baguettes or French sticks.  However, the co-op is trying to compete with M&S and sell fancy food from around the world.

This must be the idea behind the label, it states:

Parisien baguette

Clearly, they meant the baguette to be from Paris, in which case it ought to have been labelled, Parisienne Baguette.

Things are getting worse when shops try to be cosmopolitan and fail, despite having Google available.


24 Access

[picture of sign that says 24 access]I NOTICED A SIGN TODAY THAT MADE NO SENSE.

It states (click picture to enlarge image) that the premises require 24 access.

I suppose it means 24 hour access, but nevertheless, it doesn’t actually state that.

It is unclear what 24 access could mean.

I would suggest that it means there was no proof-reading when the sign was created.

Things are getting worse when large public signs, which must cost significant amounts of money, are not checked for spelling, grammar and meaning. This sort of thing cries out for someone to park there, just to see what happens.

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