Hidden Car Parking Costs


A city centre street meter is shown in the picture (click on the picture to enlarge).

It stated the costs as follows:

Sat 18:01 – Sun 07:59… Free;
Sun 08:00 – Sun 18:00… Free;
Sun 18:01 – Mon 07:59… Free;

Mon 08:00 – Mon 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;
Mon 18:01 – Tue 07:59… Free;
Tue 08:00 – Tue 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;
Tue 18:01 – Wed 07:59… Free;

Wed 08:00 – Wed 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;
Wed 18:01 – Thu 07:59… Free;
Thu 08:00 – Thu 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;
Thu 18:01 – Fri 07:59… Free;
Fri 08:00 – Fri 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;
Fri 18:01 – Sat 07:59… Free;
Sat 08:00 – Sat 18:00… £4.00 every 2 hours;

Although it states that the maximum stay is 2 hours, this merely means that you have to feed the meter every 2 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 Mon – Sat inclusive, which is £40 per day (hence the penalty charge is £60).

Now, consider parking a few metres away at the Sauchiehall Street Car Park.

This is clearly far more expensive that street parking at night or on Sunday.

Sunday all day is £2.00, whereas the street is free. Overnight on the street is also free, but here it is £2.00.

Now, if you stay for 2 hours, the car park will cost you £2.40, compared with the street bay’s £4.00 — but are you really going to be there for 2 hours?

Let’s say you wanted to park for 15 mins.  That would cost you just 50p on the street, but a whopping £1.20 in the car park.

This is true of half and hour too — £1.20 in the car park versus £1.00 on the street.

  • It is only after three-quarters of an hour that the car park becomes cheaper than the roadside.

Some people might think that, compared with the street, £2.00 is worth paying for a secure car parking space — but the small print states that after 06:30 in the morning, you start getting charged £1.20 per hour until you arrive to pick up the vehicle! And consider that most of the streets are brightly lit and covered by CCTV paid for by your council taxes, and the street looks like the better option.


Three Cars Use 14 Car Parking Bays!


Not just in multi-story car parks, but in ALL car parks; people just do not seem to understand them!

I thought I’d seen it all when I saw kids abusing disabled spaces (see Asian Youth Flexing), and when I saw folk who couldn’t be bothered to find a parking bay abandon their four by four in a car park (see Urban Off-Road Adventures).

However, these pale into insignificance with what I saw at the weekend [Click on pics to enlarge]. Yes, things are getting worse!

Unusual car parking inside a car park A better view of daft car parking

For some unknown reason, three cars were found in a car park, parked neatly across the access roadway — completely avoiding the car parking bays! This meant that cars (coming both ways) had to drive AROUND these cars — by using proper car parking bays as a route.

This workaround route meant that between five and seven car parking space ON EACH SIDE had to be kept free and clear to avoid a blockage — thus three cars managed to effectively take up between 10 and 14 car parking bays! Brilliant!

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