Selling Ourselves

English Tourist Board approved London Ad 2008


This is how the Capital of the UK is being sold abroad just now. The worldwide advertising shows a shirtless, jean-wearing, white skinhead male, urinating into a china teacup. He has the St George’s Cross painted on his back, tattoos and he has pulled down his red trouser supports (braces or suspenders).

Now, apart from wondering what this means, what makes the tourist board believe that this image will generate a rush of tourists to London?

I am sorry to pee on their parade for I really do think that this ad will make people stay away! Mind you tea made with London’s hard water does take a bit like recycled sewage!

At the end of the day, though, things are getting worse when this sort of thing is acceptable as representing our country, history and culture. I personally find it offensive simply because it is gratuitous; there is really no need for anyone to be engaged in toilet activities on billboards – are they taking the piss?

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