Paris Seine

[Photo of mislabelled baguettes]THIS WAS SPOTTED IN A LOCAL GLASGOW CO-OP.

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It’s a basket of Bread. Baguettes or French sticks.  However, the co-op is trying to compete with M&S and sell fancy food from around the world.

This must be the idea behind the label, it states:

Parisien baguette

Clearly, they meant the baguette to be from Paris, in which case it ought to have been labelled, Parisienne Baguette.

Things are getting worse when shops try to be cosmopolitan and fail, despite having Google available.


The Missing Cheese Mystery


Look at the Picture (Click on it to enlarge). It was taken in Lidl. It shows a shelf of  “Trattoria Alfredo Quattro Formaggi Pizza”. It is clearly an Italian dish where quattro means four and formaggi means cheeses.  This is a four cheese pizza. One would expect the number of cheeses topping this pizza to be four different ones.

How much is it? Well, the shelf has the price of £1.99, but wait, it is described as only having Three cheeses. Somewhere along the line, a cheese has vanished!

Things are definitely getting worse when a cheese can disappear form a pizza on the local supermarket’s shelves!

The Nutella Diet?

[Picture of duty-free nutella weekly packs]ON RETURNING FROM MY HOLIDAYS, I BROWSED THE DUTY-FREE SHOP.

I was surprised to see something called a “weekly pack” of seven jars of Nutella.

Yes. Seven jars – that’s one-a-day! A whole tub of Nutella EVERY DAY. Seriously.

We joked that this could be known as the Rhianna diet – Nutella, ella, ella, e, e, e, e…

Happy New Year for 2013 from GW, let’s hope it won’t be as nutty as 2012.

Lidl & Aldi

[Picture of Lidl microscope]WHAT CAN’T YOU BUY IN LIDL AND ALDI?

Over the years I have seen entire motorcycle outfits and accessories, gardening gear, telescopes, keyboards and guitars, language courses, and more besides. It is always a surprise, and often amazing, so I thought I would share this with you all.

This is what sets these supermarkets aside from the others. They are just so bizarre. Click on the picture to enlarge the image.

The picture is of a MICROSCOPE. Yes – a real microscope – and for under thirty quid. It connects to a PC via USB, so this is serious stuff!  Note that it’s next to a child’s activity set!


Secret Road Sign

[Picture of bus stop hiding u turn sign]WHAT A STUPID PLACE TO PUT A ROAD SIGN.

Click on the image to enlarge.

On Pacific Drive down at the BBC and opposite the SECC is a bus stop. For some unknown reason, the bus shelter is some distance away from the bus stop itself. The strangest thing is that there is a road sign (no U-Turn) obscured by the bus shelter!

It is impossible to see this road sign.

The entire arrangement is not very well thought through; the street lighting pole could have been incorporated — either for the bus stop or the No U-Turn sign.  The shelter ought to be nearer the bus stop. Things are getting worse when a simple uncluttered space can be turned into a mess by the so-called city planners.

Latest Computer Equipment?


According to the poster (click on image to enlarge), they have the latest computer equipment — which, unfortunately, they did not use in the creation of this poster.

It would have been so easy to use a spell-checker, but no.  They seem to have proof-read to some extent, because someone noticed that they got the telephone number wrong, “0142” instead of “0141”, this has been corrected by sticking on a “1” over the “2” on the glass covering the poster.

Look how they managed to spell “International” with just one “a”.

Once again, it begs the question, if they cannot pay attention to detail on their poster, what is their work going to be like? They want to work on your Limited Edition Prints and expensive work by International Artists — would you really trust them if they cannot get their own telephone number right?

Strange Place to Have a Door


Click on image to enlarge.

This magazine states:


I have never heard of anyone having a door in their pyjamas, let alone smashing it down. This is a “World Exclusive”.  I fear that this glamorises domestic violence (or at the very least, normalises it). I cannot see what is to be gained by leading with this story; it cannot be good for anyone reading about it or involved in it.

The fact that he smashed down a door is enough, the added detail of being in his pyjamas is irrelevant – but it serves to just lower the tone that extra notch, it is the same as the choice of the word “Frolicked” or the term “Breakdown”.

This poor couple are going through a rough, tough time. They are not really celebrities, but they are not “ordinary” people either. It is such a shame that their financial security depends on having their ups and downs displayed on trash magazine covers.

Yes, Things Are getting Worse.

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