Leaf McDonalds


Things are getting worse. A walk around the city is always marred by signs and notices containing spelling errors and apostrophe abuse.

Bad education may explain hand-written errors, but we have always maintained that if a poster or notice is produced on a computer (irrespective of company size), it is not terribly difficult, nor too much to ask, to run a spell-check program.

When it comes to van livery, shop signage, and mass-produced marketing and advertising campaigns, then it is, we think, even more important to check and double check the work, especially if you are selling a service that claims to provide attention to detail. This site is full of examples where this has not happened.

With all this in mind, imagine getting it wrong on a grand scale — a large franchise’s make-over for all it’s branches. Something rolled-out across the country.

Imagine a place that attracts children, families, and which is trying to educate in its very décor.  This is happening with McDonalds.

Click on the image above to enlarge.

Looking at a pillar in a local restaurant, it is clear that McDonalds are trying to educate customers about their ingredients and philosophy. Note how they spell LEAVES.

Yes, they have a spelling mistake — “leafs”.

This fact was brought to my attention by a school child (aged about 7) who mentioned it to her mother.

Things are getting worse indeed.


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