[Picture of the dancing pole in the pub]MY COMPANION AND I WENT FOR A NICE LUNCH IN THE CITY CENTRE.

It was Yates’s on Sauchiehall Street, and it was doing a brisk business; the place was filled with mothers with babies in prams, older people and some office workers.

Imagine our surprise to see a platform and pole! We were told by our waiter that these poles were used in the evening for pole dancing and lewd behaviour! We watched in horror as a toddler played with one.

As far as we could determine, the poles are for free public use, not for professional pole-dancers. This, I suppose, means that anyone, at any time, could suddenly decide to dance with one — even at lunchtime!

Pole dancing, I have been assured, is something undertaken by young women, rather than by men.  It is therefore something of symbol against which feminists rally. Does it really have to be on open public display at lunchtime? Is it actually required at all  (isn’t there an issue with Health & safety)?

Things are getting worse when pole dancing is so commonplace that it merits no raised eyebrows nor comment from mums having lunch.


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