Scary Waves

[Photo of radiation shields for mobile phones]WE LIVE IN A SCARY WORLD IT SEEMS.

I recently found in a shop items called “Radiation Shields”. These are for shielding you from the supposedly harmful radiation caused by mobile phone signals and by computer wi-fi zones.

This was a surprise to find, and suddenly I am extremely worried. [Click on image to enlarge]

Is the free wi-fi in my favourite café actually harming me?  Can everyone’s mobile phones be causing me harm? Do I need shielded from this “radiation”? The packaging suggests that this ought to be a real concern, the products have been “tested and approved”. Ought we not to be provided such things free on the NHS?  Why is this not a massive scandal?

If wi-fi and phone signals are safe, then how can selling such items be justified?

Things are getting worse when a little bit of browsing round the shops creates fear.


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