Random Cola Pricing


[picture fo cola at 155 for 1.25lit][picture of big size coke for £1.50]I was in Sainsbury’s recently, and noticed that the big 2 litre bottles were £1.50.

However, in the next aisle, the smaller, “sharesize” 1.25 litre bottles are priced at £1.55.

Yes – that’s right, the smaller bottle costs more.

It gets worse; the even smaller 500ml size is £1.75 or two bottles for £1.50 —  and often supermarkets sell two 2 litre bottles for £2.00 of two-for-one at £1.50. A 330ml can costs 61p.

The price per litre can vary from 8.8p to nearly 22p. In the same shop at the same time. With different special offers, sales, discounts and the variety of purchase options (boxes of cans, four 2 litre bottles shrinkwrapped together etc), it is anyone’s guess what the cost will be.

It gets worse when one orders a glass of Coke in a pub or restaurant; it can cost almost anything! It makes no sense. Pubs often sell the stuff in pints — which confuses matters even more.

Teetotallers can pay a lot more that alcohol drinkers in pubs — for a drink that can be bought for a lot less in a corner shop.  Soft drinks are not always priced on menus in restaurants – and it often a shock when the bill arrives.

Look, it’s just flavoured fizzy water, does it have to be so expensive? Something ought to be done: we need a coke ombudsman.


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