Yo-Yo Diet Mags

[Photograph of magazine cover - carb lovers diet]I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YO-YO DIETS.

It is a conspiracy between the slimming diet industry, the media and ordinary, gullible women. They tell you of the latest diet craze, even if it is the exact opposite of the truth, science, or even next month’s new diet craze.

Here’s a perfect example:


(tick) Feel full and flatten your tum!

(tick) Lose 6lb this week

(tick) Eat crisps, drink wine!”

There is even a picture of a gorgeous young model tucking into a plate of pasta! Honestly!

This diet will definitely make you fatter, and so you will buy in to the next diet.

If you are interested in the history of dieting and manipulation, click here. If you cannot be bothered following the link or reading up, then let me just say that it is not a simple energy-in, energy-out equation; you can put AAA batteries in your car’s petrol tank, but it’s not the same effect as putting petrol in there. Sure, you put in a lot of energy, but it is the form that the energy takes — whether it is a carbohydrate, starch, fibre, sugar, alcohol, protein, or fat.

The only diet that has been scientifically proven to help you lose weight is one that reduces/ controls the available carbohydrates.  That flies in the face of the Carb Lover’s Diet!

People get exploited because there is a lot of confusion about health and well being goals.  Trying to lose weight is not the same thing as becoming aerobically fitter, stronger, or even healthier.  A healthy diet is not the same as the diet of an athlete or slimmer.  Things are getting worse when the gullible can be so easily exploited!


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