I have to ask myself, who would buy this item? It is called “Supasnug”, and the legend states:

“Keeps You warm and Your Hands Free”. There is a picture to prove what it can do for you.

Click on the image to enlarge.

This seems fine if you are a Benedictine Monk in a chilly old monastery, but the box shows how attractive the Dominican Friar look can be to the opposite sex; it shows a young girl, also clad like a Cistercian, snuggling in.  This is a particularly uncomfortable image. He looks like her father. She hold a TV remote control suggestively.  Is there a bulge? She’s smiling far too much.  He only has one hand visible — yet we know BOTH hands are free.

He holds a cup of cappuccino (ironically enough), which puts them both at risk — there is a suggestion that the supasnug could be cappuccino-proof.  The next image to cross one’s mind is this man walking about making coffee dressed like a capuchin monk. This is not a good look, surely.

I do think this garb is dangerous and ugly.  How on earth does it fasten? At the back? “Blanket With Sleeve” suggests a single sleeve, but the picture shows two rather massive and frankly hazardous wizard sleeves. Risky with hot liquids in my opinion. I do not think it would attract women nor should it. Things are getting worse if you have a coffee and a smiling blonde snuggling into you, and you need more snugness to the extent of needing this garment.  Heaven preserve us! Buy second hand central heating or use a blanket!


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