[Picture of Nerdy Glasses Disguise aka Grouch Marx kit]KIDS TODAY! WHAT DO THEY KNOW?

It seems that they don’t know who Groucho Marx was, going on what I saw in a pound shop recently.  Please click on the picture to enlarge.

Things are getting worse indeed.  Time was when a child could put on a Groucho Marx disguise for a fancy dress party, and everyone would say, “There’s Groucho”.  Today, however, this same kit is now a “Nerdy Glasses Disguise”!

Groucho was never a nerd.  Do Nerds have moustaches like that?  Gimme a break!  It is a Groucho Marx kit minus the cigar (of course). Come on; credit where credit is due.


One Response to “Grouching”

  1. locksmithinminneapolis Says:

    You are right, kids today no longer recognize famous characters. I’m sure a few of them don’t even know who the Gingerbread Man is anymore!!

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