Strange Poster

[Picture of Strange Poster in Glasgow city]TODAY I WAS AMAZED BY THE POSTER ON AN OFFICE BLOCK.

It just seemed a little “suggestive”. Please click on the image to see it enlarged.

It seems to be by King Sturge, and might be about letting office space in the building.  However, it is a close up of a woman’s head, something long and white is coming out of her mouth, and there is the lettering “wow”.  Above her head are the words,


You have to know that this is the nearest thing to a red light district in Glasgow city centre, and I would consider this Lichtensteinesque poster to have been deliberately chosen to target businessmen cruising the grid of an evening. Things are getting worse indeed!


One Response to “Strange Poster”

  1. Lemmy Says:

    Maybe the white thing is going IN?

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