Brand New – Old Story

[Picture of energy rating notice at Sainsbury's latest store D+]IT HAS TAKEN A LONG TIME, BUT FINALLY THE NEW SAINSBURY’S SUPERMARKET OPENED FOR BUSINESS.

I was surprised to discover, by virtue of the posted notice at the entrance (click image to enlarge photograph), that the brand new store had a very poor energy rating.

Things are indeed getting worse when buildings can be created that cost the earth.  One wonders if the sum total of the legislation in this regard results merely in the posting of a notice at the entrance.


One Response to “Brand New – Old Story”

  1. Ewan Says:

    I see from your photo of the certificate that this shop achieved a D+ rating. This is in fact a very good grade for retail type property. If you look at the benchmark you can see that a new building built to current regulations would need to achieve a 52(D+) and this matches that of a new build. It shows that Sainsburys have utilised efficiency building services to reduce running costs. Further improvements could be made and some are mentioned.

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