Dress Decode


I confess that I [Picture of Rude T Shirt for sale]have become less tolerant of intolerance through old age, and I find that I am becoming impolite to people who are impolite. How can I be considerate of people, when they are inconsiderate and selfish?

The worry is that I become impolite, intolerant and inconsiderate — just like them, and we all have lowered the bar and reached a new low point, a cruder common denominator, and then things will have got worse.

My only hope is that my interventions may, somehow, make things better.

I cannot see any alternative, so I will continue into my advanced years to address this matter — and I recommend and encourage everyone to do the same.

So when I hear people on mobile phones in the children’s playground, swearing and shouting, I will ask them to stop.  When I hear teenagers swearing and talking in Macdonald’s, where there are toddlers in earshot, I feel I have to say something; a stand has to be made.

However, my big problem is about clothes.

How does one address the problem of inappropriate clothing?  I see Dads collecting children from nurseries and schools, and their tee-shorts have rude and crude messages (and images) on them! It was bad enough with FCUK and seeing the tops of their underpants, thong things or buttock cleavage, but it definitely seems to be getting worse.

The only thing I can think of is ot complain to the manager of shops that sell items that ought not to be worn casually in public; we have to make a stand.


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