Sign of The Times

[pciture of sign-maker sign]I WAS SENT THIS PHOTOGRAPH BY EMAIL TODAY.

As you can see, this is a company looking for work. The company is called “The Sign Maker”, so it would be natural to assume that they are in the professional business of making signs. However, they seem to have chosen to make their own sign in a rather inexpensive way; this is a square off-cut of plywood board leaning against a roadside railing — facing the wrong way for passing traffic and at a level too low to be easily seen.

They have barely managed to fit in the title, “Sign Maker”, having started too far in from the left, with too large a font size (if you can call that scrawl a font)!  Having noticed the cramming on “Maker”, the next line is started below, further to the left, and with a smaller character height — resulting in too large a space to the right, so to finish off, the last line — the line with the contact details/ telephone number — is started further in again — and again, is crammed in!

This is ugly, ill-executed, illegal, and potentially dangerous. Graffiti is better executed.  There is neither artistic flair, nor any display of the basic concepts underpinning the concept of a “sign”. One wonders how much work this has generated.

Then again, perhaps this is a start-up company, by the look of it, a couple of illegal immigrant teenage entrepreneurs trying to find paid work that is different from washing cars? Who knows.

Things are getting worse when sign-makers cannot properly make signs for their sign-making business!


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