[Picture of Rainbaws Stall at Shawlands Arcade]SHAWLANDS ARCADE IS NOW HOME TO MARKET STALLS. Imagine my surprise, however, upon visiting the first stall at the entrance. Click on the image to enlarge.

It is called “Rainbaws”.  Not “Rainbows”, but “RainBAWS”.

What is going on?  Did the market trader not have any letter “o” balloons? Was the letter “A” all that was available?

Perhaps it is an attempt to spell out “Rainbows” to sound more Glaswegian.  Who knows, maybe they were trying to be smutty and funny.

[Picture close up of Rainbaws stall]

Whatever is the case, it is not appropriate — are things getting worse  by this sort of thing or is it just me? What if the stall IS called “Rainbaws”?  Have the council simply licensed the stall regardless of the tastefulness of the shop’s name?


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