Getting Famous

[Cover of a teenage girl magazine 'Wanna be famous']THE WORLD IS GETTING WORSE WHEN EVERYONE ASPIRES TO BE A CELEBRITY.

Here’s a snapshot photo of a typical weekly magazine for teenage girls [click on image to enlarge].

The main cover story headline is “WANNA BE FAMOUS?” Inside is a guide.  The people with the speech bubbles (I am reliably informed) have become famous overnight, and they promise here instant fame — or fame in 30 seconds!

Wanna bet that the guide does not recommend talent or hard work and years of devotion and relentless practice? This sort of thing is selling magazines by encouraging such bizarre notions as the “dream of being famous”. Good grief!

Things are  also getting worse for those of us who do not wish to be famous; as consumers we have to suffer reading about what these famous people do all the time!


One Response to “Getting Famous”

  1. Rodolfo Thong Says:

    Always keep working teriffic job!

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