Roberto Burns Night

[Picture of shelves stacked with Haggis Pizza]BURNS NIGHT USUALLY MEANS HAGGIS, BUT NOT ON A PIZZA!

I was amazed to see Haggis Pizza for Burns Night in my local Sainsbury’s.

What’s next? Haggis kebabs?  Haggis Korma?  Haggis stir fry?

Maybe they will pipe in the pizza in years to come. Things are getting worse when we start toasting the pizza pie at a Burns’s Supper!  Ode to a Pizza anyone?


2 Responses to “Roberto Burns Night”

  1. Dave Says:

    Don’t laugh, but you CAN actually get Haggis pakora in Glasgow — Mister Singhs on Elderslie Street and their new fusion menu has stuff from haggis pakora to haggis bhoona topped up by haggis nan! Seriously mental!

  2. Haggis Crisps « Getting Worse Says:

    […] I thought things were bad enough when I saw Haggis Pizzas, but things just got worse! Whatever next? […]

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