Vintage Computers

[Picture of sign for vintange computer desk]IN A LOCAL FURNITURE SHOP I SPOTTED AN UNUSUAL ITEM.

As you can see form the sign, it’s a vintage computer desk.  I am not sure if this is a desk for a vintage computer, a vintage desk for a computer — or even a vintage computer-desk!

What a thought — a vintage computer/ computer desk!  Things are certainly getting worse when things computery are termed “vintage”, it’ll not be long before they are “antique”. Four hundred and eighty-nine pounds is not cheap for a desk, vintage or not.

I suppose that I just do not understand why someone would want old-fashioned, antique or vintage anywhere near computers.  With today’s fancy Macs, netbooks and laptops, there is no longer any need for a “computer” workstation.  What’s next? A Teak-effect external hard drive? Queen Anne Legs on a laptop docking station?


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