All Xmas Entrails…

[Picture of bad taste game]CHRISTMAS IS A TIME FOR CHILDREN, FOR TOYS AND FOR GIVING. However, how can one forgive the game called “Operation”?

According to the Euro-packaging, this game is also called “Operación”, “Doctor Bibber”, “Dokter Bibber”, “Docteur Maboul”, and “L’allegro Chirurgo”.

It is by Play Doh.  Look at the box cover illustration — click on the picture to enlarge — it seems to be about a very sweaty surgeon operating on a man — who is plainly wide awake throughout his terrible ordeal.

I can determine a “heart”, a “bone”, and a large fold of “skin” — but there also seems to be a lot of butterflies, and worms — and it also seems that during the operation, the patient will suffer an enema! There is a large splodge of coloured fluids that cannot rationally be explained.

In all seriousness, who would buy this game? It is far from being educational, which may actually be a blessing.  So is it aimed at the aspiring mass-murderer, the potential undertaker or the junior Damien Hurst?

The way many of us feel after Christmas dinner, this game would certainly be considered bad taste!

Things are certainly getting worse when children are given items of such low value and bad taste. Yuk! Happy New Year!


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