Constructive Criticism

[Picture of spelling mistake on van livery]I WAS AMAZED TO SEE A SPELLING MISTAKE ON A VAN LIVERY.

I just had to snap a picture with my camera-phone for your delectation.

[Please click on the image to enlarge, as always]

An hand-written sign containing a spelling error is bad enough, and something printed with an error is unforgivable (especially when it is an advert), but the worst possible instance has to be to have a mistake on your van.

A van is a mobile advert — that is the whole point of livery — and because it is a mobile advert, it has to be minimal and accurate.

All the information on this van is of crucial importance to getting business.  One cannot afford to get the web site URL wrong, have an error in the e-mail address, or put on the wrong telephone or fax numbers.

In this example, instead of “construction”, they have “constructuion”, so on the one hand, it may be argued that the reader (and prospective customer) would know what was meant — but it could equally well be argued that things are getting worse and that this company are simply careless — they actually do construction, “construction” forms part of the company name — the one they registered at Companies House, and “construction” is spelled correctly elsewhere on the van!

Deary me! Can’t we do better than that?


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