All Xmas Entrails…

[Picture of bad taste game]CHRISTMAS IS A TIME FOR CHILDREN, FOR TOYS AND FOR GIVING. However, how can one forgive the game called “Operation”?

According to the Euro-packaging, this game is also called “Operación”, “Doctor Bibber”, “Dokter Bibber”, “Docteur Maboul”, and “L’allegro Chirurgo”.

It is by Play Doh.  Look at the box cover illustration — click on the picture to enlarge — it seems to be about a very sweaty surgeon operating on a man — who is plainly wide awake throughout his terrible ordeal.

I can determine a “heart”, a “bone”, and a large fold of “skin” — but there also seems to be a lot of butterflies, and worms — and it also seems that during the operation, the patient will suffer an enema! There is a large splodge of coloured fluids that cannot rationally be explained.

In all seriousness, who would buy this game? It is far from being educational, which may actually be a blessing.  So is it aimed at the aspiring mass-murderer, the potential undertaker or the junior Damien Hurst?

The way many of us feel after Christmas dinner, this game would certainly be considered bad taste!

Things are certainly getting worse when children are given items of such low value and bad taste. Yuk! Happy New Year!


Break The Law

[Picture of a sticker on a van stating that it is speed restricted]THE POLICE ARE CRACKING DOWN ON US AGAIN. They have been out and about all week causing traffic congestion for shoppers.  It is the three old chestnuts — parking, speeding and drink-driving.

Something is wrong with a society when ordinary everyday citizens are more concerned with getting caught by the authorities than by criminals.  I have seen grown men brought to tears by parking wardens, simply because their ticket at the meter bay expired ten minutes ago.

Things are getting worse.  Yet, what I do not understand is why it has to be that way.  Sure, it brings in an awful lot of money — it is all a hidden tax after all — but I think it is too high a price to pay, for the downside far outweighs the income.

For example, instead of putting money in a meter, you could just swipe your credit card and settle up at the end of the day.  The argument about short-stay periods is nonsense; just have a different rate for long stays.  That would mean that no person would be criminalised, stressed and angry — the NHS would see the benefit, and we’d have less road rage and a general lifting of mood.

Speed cameras are bad, and speed limits are silly.  Drivers panic when they see a speed camera, and speed limits cannot be taken seriously because they do not account for traffic jams, bad weather, late night driving and so forth.

Why are we putting up with this silliness? Speed limiters exist — see the photograph.  If no car could speed, this would free up the police to catch people driving dangerously or carelessly under the effects of drink or drugs.

The state pretends to be nannying us, protecting us, keeping us safe — but the truth is that we live in fear of the state — they are not there for us, they are out to get us, to take our money and ruin our lives — either by the consequences of human mistakes or by making us so paranoid and stressed out that we cannot actually live our lives freely.

Happy New Year!

Longest Domain Name


By better I mean, the domain name is shorter, snappier, easier to remember – it is a marketing tool.

Well, when I spotted this web site address, I had to take a picture from my camera phone to share with GW readers. Please click on the image to enlarge.

It is even funnier when you realise that this massive domain name is in fancy script (to make it even harder to read) ON A MOVING VEHICLE!

Deary Me!  Things are certainly getting worse — this could cause accidents!

Oh by the way, I think it says:! Boy that surely takes the biscuit — if not the whole cake!

Merry Christmas!

Baby Facilities

[Picture of Baby Hanging Station]I WAS AMAZED TO RECEIVE THIS PICTURE BY E-MAIL. It shows a defaced McDonald’s baby changing sign.  Now it reads “Baby hanging Station”.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference one letter can make to the meaning of a sign!

I thought I would share this joke with you all — Merry Christmas!

Small Adults or Kids

[Picture of fun fare sign - small adults welcome]AT LOCH LOMOND SHORES THEY CATER FOR ALL SORTS.

Take for example the fun fare rides — they are for children AND for “small adults”, now isn’t that nice?

On the other hand, isn’t that discriminating against the larger adult (which, let’s face it, is usually the way it goes)?

As a large adult myself, I feel distressed that smaller adults get to ride for free with the children. Things are definitely getting worse when big adults are not allowed to have any fun – nor indeed for big adults to protect their children on fun fare rides!

Constructive Criticism

[Picture of spelling mistake on van livery]I WAS AMAZED TO SEE A SPELLING MISTAKE ON A VAN LIVERY.

I just had to snap a picture with my camera-phone for your delectation.

[Please click on the image to enlarge, as always]

An hand-written sign containing a spelling error is bad enough, and something printed with an error is unforgivable (especially when it is an advert), but the worst possible instance has to be to have a mistake on your van.

A van is a mobile advert — that is the whole point of livery — and because it is a mobile advert, it has to be minimal and accurate.

All the information on this van is of crucial importance to getting business.  One cannot afford to get the web site URL wrong, have an error in the e-mail address, or put on the wrong telephone or fax numbers.

In this example, instead of “construction”, they have “constructuion”, so on the one hand, it may be argued that the reader (and prospective customer) would know what was meant — but it could equally well be argued that things are getting worse and that this company are simply careless — they actually do construction, “construction” forms part of the company name — the one they registered at Companies House, and “construction” is spelled correctly elsewhere on the van!

Deary me! Can’t we do better than that?

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