The Urinator


The Urinator — well, that caught my attention for sure!

Just in case you thought that The Urinator was some kind of strange superhero, it seems to be a product for potty-training infants!

So I thought I would find out more about The Urinator, and typed it into my browser’s address bar. I then got a pop up dialog box that stated:

[Screengrab od dialog box for The Urinator website]

Attention: The intent of the manufacture and sale of The Urinator is strictly for protecting your privacy of  a genetically predisposed medical condition

I clicked OK, and was presented with a website at selling some “product” for nearly 150 US Dollars!  This simply cannot be the same thing as stocked in my local shop!

[Picture of the US American Urinator device]

However, even after reading the page entitled “What is The Urinator?”, I had no idea what it is, does nor why it exists at all!

Another search turned up a tee-shirt at, so no luck with Google.

Things are getting worse when a product can easily be confused with another product altogether.

I eventually found a site called which had The Urinator – a product for cleaning items upon which cats and dogs have urinated. This doesn’t look like the product in my shop, and it is not for the same purpose (pets), but it is a lot nearer than all the other suggestions that the world’s favourite search engine returned. Anyway, couldn’t they have thought up a better name? Shhesh! It took me two minutes on the web, why couldn’t they have done this before naming their product and printing those labels?


2 Responses to “The Urinator”

  1. Scent Off « Getting Worse Says:

    […] The Urinator […]

  2. James M Says:

    This sound like it could be ideal for cleaning up near pubs and clubs at the weekend, as well as phone boxes, bus shelters and train stations!!! Love the site. Keep up the good work!

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