Modern Architecture Summed Up

[Picture of disgraceful grand entrance]THERE’S A NEW BUILDING IN GLASGOW WITH A STRANGE ENTRANCE.

Please click on the images to enlarge.

First of all, the architect designed a grand entrance — including a revolving door, mirrored tiles, lots of glass and shiny tiled flooring.  Lovely.

[Picture of Notice stuck to wall]However, in practice, there is a permanent plastic yellow warning cone about the slip danger on the shiny floor tiles.  How attractive!  Also – – because people prefer to walk in through a normal door (as opposed to a revolving door), they have had to Sellotape a notice to the glazed frontage.  Deary me!

Is this the architect’s vision?  How grand is this entrance now?  Why can’t the architect understand that shiny floor tiles are slippery, that yellow plastic cones are unattractive, and that notices ruin the clean straight lines, and glazed surfaces?

Isn’t it weird that there are TWO yellow slip warning cones IN the revolving door — making it impossible to use this door, but the Sellotaped notice on the window stops you using the “normal” door — so how exactly is one supposed to enter this office block? Is this MI5 or the HQ of the IQ?

Things are certainly getting worse when people cannot enter a building without warnings!

Funnily enough the biggest danger is right outside — and there is NO WARNING… it is a wall of glass!  Yes; an almost invisible obstruction to the pedestrian, to the drunk of a night.

[Picture of dangerous glass panel on pavement]

What possessed the architect to put a square metre of thick glass on the pavement outside this building’s entrance?  It is as bizarre as it is amazing!

One has to wonder at the thought processes employed when designs are drawn up! Getting Worse? You Bet! Modern Architecture? Summed Up!


3 Responses to “Modern Architecture Summed Up”

  1. emmar Says:

    Helps if you tell us where this building is to assist in the problems and questions you raise! This website is getting worse!

    • Duncan Sharpe Says:

      why would an address help you? Are the photographs not good enough proof?

      What I like about this site is that it NEVER gives exact locations, because it is not about that, it is not about blame and hate, it is talking about lowering standards and silliness, and it simply uses photographs to back up the arguments. the arguments are nevertheless general. Are you just a bored housewife or something?

  2. jokeofasite Says:

    I stumbled across this site and thought I would have a look. All the positivity in my soul has been wretched from me by the nit picking, niggling, negativity of a tired, drained, bored, empty individual.

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