[Picture of space where hand drier was, and a sign about saving the planet]DO YOU ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS WHEN YOU VISIT THE TOILET?

Some people do, and some don’t.  It is difficult to wash hands when basins have no rubber bungs, no soap, and no hot water.  If there is no bung, you can only wash one hand at a time because the other hand is invariably holding down the tap.

Next on the list is drying.  I see so many guys leaving Gents’ toilets rubbing their damp hands down their trousers!

Paper towels are good, but messy (and can run out).  Hand dryers are popular, but they are noisy and people have to queue to use them (hence the impatient trouser-wipers).

It seems that the trouser-wipers are actually onto something, from a “saving-the-planet” viewpoint, as evidenced by the photograph here (just click on the image to enlarge). It states:

“We’ve given the
thumbs up to energy
saving hand dryers.
These hand dryers work faster and save
80% of the energy used by traditional dryers.
Plan A”

Things are definitely getting worse when there are no dryers and no towels and as we wipe on our denims we can read the stupid sign and feel that we’re “doing our bit” to save Earth. By the way, the 20% energy rating must be down to the trouser-wipe!


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