Wheelchair Curling


This is what was printed on a sign in a local supermarket.

Scotland’s national game?  Wonder what that might be?  Golf?  Football? Rugby? Bowls? Darts? Fishing?

Nope — it’s wheelchair curling!

Since when has wheelchair curling been “Scotland’s National Game”?

This is not even “normal” curling — but “wheelchair curling” — and it’s not clear if you have to be disabled to play it!

Maybe one would be able to stroll along to sign up for wheelchair curling.  It’s an entirely strange idea, this wheelchair curling — I mean, have you ever seen a wheelchair on ice before?

Things are getting worse when your country claims to have wheelchair curling as its National game!


3 Responses to “Wheelchair Curling”

  1. Grant Says:

    Curling is a sport that Scotland leads the world in, and there’s 50,000 players in the country. Infact, we’ve had far more success in the sport – especially in recent years – than any football or rugby team. It’s just referring to curling, not ‘wheelchair’, it’s simply advertising a disabled version of the sport, and I’m sure ‘wheelchair’ implies disability, as anyone with common sense can see. Surely things are getting worse when people pick holes in a poster which is really quite trivial, and dull, just for the sake of a good moan?

    • FFS Says:

      Sorry Grant your dead wrong. This poster has a background picture of a person in a wheelchair and the heading is wheelchair curling, not the curling your talking about. I would not imagine 50,000 wheelchair curlers, that is just you being daft.

  2. FFS Says:

    I would just like to agree that wheelchair curling is NOT Scotland’s National Sport, in fact curling is not Scotland’s National Sport. More Scots go fishing as a matter of fact. But it is not about the numbers taking part, it is about the numbers spectating, and that makes our National Sport football. Just a fact of life.
    This wheelchair curling seems a bit of a mental idea that is for sure. A wheelchair on ice is not something the health and safety would like I bet hahaha. Thinking about it, as the venue is on the first floor, they would not want to risk disabled people doing this in case of fire, so maybe it is for able body people to do in wheelchairs. Pure Mental, thanks by the way I have not had such a brilliant laugh for a long time. Keep up the good work. Love the site xxx

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