Flat Bottles

[Picture of sign on recycling glass bin]I WAS AMAZED AT THIS SIGN — STUCK TO A GLASS RECYCLING BIN.

It says:

“Please wash your bottles, remove all caps and lids and FLATTEN them when possible”

Are they serious? Flattening clear glass bottles?  I wish I had brought my hammer!

I understand the idea behind recycling, but I cannot fathom the rest of  it all.  For a start, these bins are an eye-sore.  The public seem to use them to recycle glass, but they then leave their plastic bags and boxes everywhere — what a mess.  Throwing bottles in is noisy, it is dirty and inaccessible.

On top of all that, some bins are for all glass — regardless of colour!  I have never seen anyone wash off the labels and remove caps — I do wonder what happens to it when it is so contaminated.  Is it all just an elaborate hoax or something?


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