Hospital Parking

[Picture of Hospital Parking Sign in Scotland]HOSPITAL PARKING WAS A POLITICAL HOT POTATO. IT’S NOW FREE.

However, things are getting worse when the signs are so confusing!

Click on Picture to Enlarge.

It says —

“New Parking Arrangements
From 31st December 2008
*No car parking charges
*Unauthorised Car parking
Notices in Force
(Monday to Friday)
Exemptions for patients and visitors”

Now, I don’t know about you, but “free car parking at all Scottish Hospitals” seems easy to understand. “No Car Parking Charges” pretty much covers that.

So — what’s this about a 4 hour maximum stay?

Now, there is a suggestion that this 4 hour maximum is flexible if you are a patient or visitor (i.e. almost everyone), only nurses and doctors will be getting tickets then. Weird!

What confused me the most was the “Unauthorised Parking Notices in Force” — what exactly does that mean — unless parking is “authorised” in the first place, it is meaningless.


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