Handbags for Him!

[Picture of Big Jessies with handbags]HANDBAGS FOR MEN?

This was ridiculed back when it was first proposed in the 1990s along with men’s face creams.  My, how we once laughed at those European men with their manbags.

We never thought it would happen here, but suddenly, it seems to have caught on in Glasgow.  Yes, Glasgow — the city known for calling a man a “poof” just for having an umbrella.  A place once proud of using plastic carrier bags in lieu of a proper hat.

[PictuGone are the man bags (such as attaché cases, briefcases, sports bags and rucksacks), it’s all full-on handbags nowadays.

I guess they need somewhere to put their cosmetics!  They certainly do not need a bag to carry CDs or tapes because we have MP3 players now.  The next thing is to have gents’ trousers and jackets with no pockets (you heard it here first).


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