Dental Toys!

[Picture of Play-Doh Dr Drill 'n Fill toy game]DENTAL OR MENTAL? — YOU DECIDE.

Look at these toys (click on the pictures to enlarge). Play-Doh’s “Dr. Drill ‘n Fill” sounds delightful fun for 3-4 year olds! The picture on the box shows all the great dental fun you can have — there’s a mouth full of bad teeth for you to DRILL and FILL! The drill apparently makes the lovely RR-RRR-RRR sound we have all grown to know and love from years of NHS dentistry. Ah, bliss!  Mind you there are other bits of kit on the box that only an expert dentist would actually know about.  The only other thing I recognised was the toothbrush and paste!

[Picture of Crazy Dentist toy game]If £13 seems a little too much for that “ideal” dentistry Christmas gift, then what about “Crazy Dentist” at a fiver.

Unlike “Dr. Drill ‘n Fill”, “Crazy Dentist” is about destroying teeth, apparently with a small hammer!  What fabulous Christmas fun!

I don’t know; maybe it’s me.  Am I alone in thinking things are getting worse when we buy dental themed toys for children at Christmas?  What kind of monsters will we have in the years to come?  What kind of monsters do we have now?  Will we be reading about people getting their teeth smashed by hammers?  Heaven forbid!


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