Speed Parking!


In an earlier post we explained why the council have used speed bumps (and things like extra traffic lights) to force drivers to use particular routes (such as the M77).

The Tantallon Road Traffic Calming Scheme (part of the M77 Corridor scheme) provided for speed humps because The Scottish Executive states “Road humps are the most effective traffic calming measure available for reducing speed. “

What can we say about a speed hump in a parking bay (double click on picture to enlarge).

Bizarre. Things are definitely getting worse when the council spend thousands of pounds of our council tax money on rubbish like this! I would dearly love to hear the official explanation of this silliness!


3 Responses to “Speed Parking!”

  1. WhatService? Says:

    I don’t like speed bumps like the next driver, but parking bay, its a road – too many people who live in tenements think they are entitled to park outside their own front door – double park, congest the road park in areas that are marked “keep clear” – sadly these bumps may be what some drivers need!

  2. Speed Harumfff Says:

    Eh? I don’t quite get that last comment…the picture shows a SPEED BUMP in a PARKING BAY (the blue car is quite legally parked, the silver car opposite is on the pavement but still legally parked). You can clearly see that there are TWO speed bumps traversing the road with the white line of the road going through the middle of the humps (as normal and all along Tantallon road) but then there’s this rogue one (to the left of the picture and a bit off line with the other two), this has to be the most stupidest thing I have ever seen, what a waste of our money. I think the people that laid the speed bump in the parking bay must’ve been on drugs…or possibly a bit tipsy from the night before!!!!!!! Parking is BAD ENOUGH in Shawlands without having to manoeuvre over a rouge speed bump!!!

  3. Regina Phalange Says:

    Thought it was pretty obvious why the bump is there! If it wasn’t and no cars were parked at the side of the road, people could simply drive around the two bumps in the middle at whatever speed they wanted.

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