[Picture of JobCentrePlus poster sign asking to be saved]JOBS ARE GOING IN THE JOBCENTRE — HOW IRONIC!

Double click on the picture to enlarge.  The picture is a photograph of a poster sign stuck to the shop window frontage of the Shawlands Jobcentre — where people go to look for work.  It says:

“Jobcentre Plus is considering
closing this office and
delivering its services from
nearby Newlands office

“We welcome your views about what we
are planning to do.  The final decision has
not been made and your views would be
greatly appreciated.  If you wish to make
comment please write to:

“David Collie, District manager
Jobcentre Plus
Corunna House
39 Cadogan Street
G2 7SS

“or email


“Part of the Department
for work and pensions”

It is patently obvious that they do not really want to close down the office and lose their jobs.  They want people to write (not call) a letter or e-mail in the vain hope that people will “demand” this office remain open.

Well, I for one will be writing and e-mailing to demand that this place be closed down as soon as possible and all the supercilious so-called civil servants be slung out on their fat, lazy arses to go look for real work in a real recession.  What do we need them for anyway?  Bank accounts and state benefits are automatic and computerised — as is looking for a job.

They don’t make calls for you, they don’t appraise, they don’t even have to write out the cards any more.  People just go in and look for a job themselves, using weird free-standing computer terminals.  Times have changed, let’s face facts.

On top of that, this old arcade has seen better days.  It needs knocked down and something else built in its place.  The more empty units we get, the more likely this will be to happen. The job centre “plus” needs to go!

This location has brought the arcade to its knees, to be honest.  It has attracted, over many years, the worst down-and-outs.  As a direct result, the shops in the immediate vicinity have turned into “unemployed world” — where one is surrounded by neds, druggies and smokers loitering outside the jobcentre, betting shop, arcade games shop, pound thrift shop and cheap pub. “Unemployment World” is really “Disny World”, as in: “disny work” or “disny gie a flying fork”.

Things are getting worse when they have to ask for support from these people. At the end of the day, it’s a bit like ecology in reverse.  We have built up this environment, and to remove the jobcentre might affect the migration patterns of neds, smokers and druggies!

I would urge everyone reading this to e-mail and write to demand closure NOW!


One Response to “Jobcentreless”

  1. WhatService? Says:

    It’s being closed as there is a job centre around the corner. As for people working in it not doing anything I beg to differ. They have targets to get people into work, will find jobs, telephone for interviews, liaise with employers etc. As for “unemployment world” lets hope you never need to visit a cheap pub or buy cheaper goods eh?

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