Lost Cockatoo

[Picture of a poster for a lost cockatiel]WE GET A LOT OF LOST CAT POSTERS, BUT THIS ONE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL.

A Lost cockatiel.  Yes, that’s right — a cockatiel! (Double Click on the picture to enlarge)

Now, I would imagine that quite a lot of people would have some trouble spelling “cockatiel” (not “cockateil”), let alone spotting one, so the poster spells “Cockatiel” twice, and uses a photograph.

As far as I am aware, a cockatiel belongs to the much-easier-to-spell cockatoo family, so I would have probably chosen “cockatoo” were I doing this poster, but fair enough, if you can cope with the spelling, then bully-for-you.

However, almost nothing else is correct!  It says, “If you have saw the cockatiel call…”  — which should obviously have been “If you have seen the cockatiel call…”.

The thing that made me laugh aloud was that instead of “Thank you so much”, it has: “Thinkyou so mach”.

I laughed again at the thought that they had actually corrected the poster using “Tippex (c)”, and left all the mistakes.  Priceless.

If people are going to the trouble of using digital photography, if they have computers and printers, and if they can check and correct, then how is it possible that the results can be so poor? If English is not your first language, it might be a good idea to have someone else proof-read your poster before you start to “Sellotape (c)” them to rusting lampposts all over Glasgow’s west end!

You are far more likely to see one of these posters flying about than the bird in question ( a wee bit of sticky tape is not really good enough for the purpose). Things are definitely getting worse!


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