Sliced Bread is Illegal

[Picture of bakery sign about slicing organic bread]THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE HAVE PASSED A LAW THAT FORBIDS THE SALE OF SLICED BREAD.

This is according to my local supermarket — where I saw a sign at the bakery.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Please accept my apologies for the blurry image.  It says:

“Organic Bread

EU Regulations mean that we cannot
offer pre-sliced Organic Bread from our
instore bakery.  We can however slice
organic bread at your request but this
will be done on our regular bread slicer.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

I find it amazing that there is an EU regulation on bread slicing — why would there be?  And why have they decided against slicing bread.

The next thing to worry about, is that the baker will slice your organic loaf — but that it will not be done using an organic-only slicer.  Perhaps some people will feel that their bread might be in some way contaminated by coming into contact with something not officially “organic”?

Is the world going mad, or is it just me that things things are getting worse?


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