By Gum!

[Picture of gum penises]INNOCENT OR GUILTY?

The manufacturers of chewy sweets may have acted in complete innocence in producing these “Gummy Lighthouse” confections, however, should you have a mind to it, they do resemble something else — something rather rude in fact.  Click on the picture to enlarge for a closer inspection.

My first thought was that lighthouse are a terrible idea; what child would care about boring old lighthouses?  Wouldn’t kids rather have things that are TV or game related?  Celebrity endorsed action figures or something relating to a film or sport?

As such, one can only conclude that this is not an innocent mistake; I do not think that these were ever intended to be lighthouses at all, they were designed to be rude, and to appeal to the silly teenage market. Bad taste? Yes indeed. And things are getting worse when teenagers can buy and consume rude body parts in broad daylight.  No doubt they get a big kick out of handing the local vicar a “lighthouse” to suck on.


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