Wet Art Gallery


After a refurb of 28 million quid (where did all the money go?), the place re-opened in 2006 — only to flood and promptly close down again.

A spokesman for the council said, back in 2006:

‘The external drainage system did not cope with floodwater from yesterday’s deluge of heavy rain.

‘The floodwater backed up into a plant room which houses the controlling electronics for the pumps that supply the water tanks at Kelvingrove.

‘The water supply, by design, cut out as part of the internal flood protection system for Kelvingrove.

‘As a consequence, there was no toilet provision available, nor any fresh water to supply the catering outlets.’

[From CLIPPED NEWS http://clippednews.wordpress.com/2006/08/03/kelvingrove-shuts/]

[Picture of Damp art gallery walls]Now, it has to be said that we have been having similar deluges this year, 2008 — and I took the liberty of taking some snapshots of the obvious damp walls of this dear old building.

However, this time, the local media are silent.  Perhaps it is “just me”, but look at the pictures for yourself — are things getting worse for the county’s biggest tourist attraction?

[Picture of Damp art gallery walls]


3 Responses to “Wet Art Gallery”

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