Bad Birthday Cake


What a good idea — and it is all the rage these days too.  Any four-year-old would be delighted to have a cake specially made just for them!

However, look at the subject matter — is “Grand Theft Auto” really suitable for a 4 year old? It has an “R” rating apart from anything else. (Click on Picture to enlarge)

What have the parents been allowing?  What were they thinking? Oooh, things are getting worse!


2 Responses to “Bad Birthday Cake”

  1. Anthony Stanford Says:

    um, the R is the logo of Rockstar… the company that owns the GTA Franchise. There is no R rating in the UK thats an American thing. PEGI are the folks behind the age rating of games in the UK.

    However yes GTA:SA is an 18+ game.

  2. Carol Says:

    I think the subject matter itself makes it inappropriate for a 4 year old. The Grand Theft Auto makers prides themselves on a video game where a guy beats up hookers and takes their money, beating up random people and shooting violence.

    I think the Wiggles or Elmo are more age appropriate for a 4 year old, not hookers and guns.

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