Red Tape Departments

[Picture of a Direct and Care car, Glasgow]DIRECT AND CARE?

What on earth does that mean? Who thought up these ridiculous council department names?

If the purpose is to confound the ordinary council tax payers, then they are doing a very good job indeed. My point is that things should be simple and straightforward so that we can all understand who does what — and who to call when we need something done by the council.

Any suggestions for what the department for “Direct and Care Services” does? Things are getting worse!

3 Responses to “Red Tape Departments”

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  3. Brendan Murphy Says:

    I’m Head of ICT and Marketing for Direct and Care Services. Our name is not the best – I agree! We employ 8300 staff and provide home care, school meals, cleaning and other catering services(in places like museums and universities) to 10,000 Glasgow citizens and in 900 Glasgow schools, offices and other buildings. Good news though – our name is about to change as we are becoming a different type of organisation in April 2009 – unsure what the name is – but it will be simpler and hopefully more relevant than our current name.

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