Three Cars Use 14 Car Parking Bays!


Not just in multi-story car parks, but in ALL car parks; people just do not seem to understand them!

I thought I’d seen it all when I saw kids abusing disabled spaces (see Asian Youth Flexing), and when I saw folk who couldn’t be bothered to find a parking bay abandon their four by four in a car park (see Urban Off-Road Adventures).

However, these pale into insignificance with what I saw at the weekend [Click on pics to enlarge]. Yes, things are getting worse!

Unusual car parking inside a car park A better view of daft car parking

For some unknown reason, three cars were found in a car park, parked neatly across the access roadway — completely avoiding the car parking bays! This meant that cars (coming both ways) had to drive AROUND these cars — by using proper car parking bays as a route.

This workaround route meant that between five and seven car parking space ON EACH SIDE had to be kept free and clear to avoid a blockage — thus three cars managed to effectively take up between 10 and 14 car parking bays! Brilliant!

One Response to “Three Cars Use 14 Car Parking Bays!”

  1. erinstark Says:

    Oh my gosh, are you serious?

    My faith in the human race is honestly being destroyed more and more each day. How depressing. I can’t believe these people are allowed to drive… and that it wasn’t just one car that did it!!!

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