Smells Fishy


There has been a long tradition of sexy advertising, and I have to say that most of it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Maybe I have become case-hardened, numbed to it all over the years, the fact is I really am not such a prudish old frump that I can relate to Mary Whitehouse.

Ill judged thumb in viagra-fish billboardingHaving said that, I hate it when it crosses the line into bad taste (such as in Gutter Press of 13 March 2008), and now — look at the pictures of a street sign or sales board found at the fish market in Glasgow (as ever simply double click on the image to enlarge for a better view). It seems that the idea is to suggest that fish is better than “Viagra” — the well-known drug prescribed for men with sexual dysfunction. “Viagra — who needs it?”

However, it shows a grinning fisherman in a yellow hat and coat (sou’wester) in an amorous embrace with a grinning fish. He has rosy cheeks, either from exertion or embarrassment. The word “Viagra” is prominent and pointed at too. The position of the thumb is right about the word “Viagra”, and is quite easily taken for a penis. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that this is the intention!

So it would seem that the people behind this object were hoping to dupe the passer-by into reading the message by making it seem as if the sign was for Viagra to help give impotent men an erection. This is disgusting in itself, but the relationship of the man with the fish really has me lying awake at night now.

Contrary to the intention to sell fish as a rival to Viagra, I am now resolved never to buy fish again as a result of what lonely fishermen may have got up to on those long nights off shore with their enhanced sex drives.

Ill judged? You bet! Not fit for display on public streets where children can see it? Certainly! Another example of lowering standards and how things are getting worse? Absolutely!


One Response to “Smells Fishy”

  1. danny Says:

    That is really bad. I think it says “do it au naturale” like doing it with a fish is normal yuk!

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