Braehead’s Gives itself an Award!

[Picture of Award at Braehead]BRAEHEAD SHOPPING CENTRE HAS WON AN AWARD! This must be in reaction to the opening of Silverburn at Pollok. Throughout the shopping centre, signs boast:

Beneath, we can see that the award was given by the “Scottish Retail Excellence Awards” — which then turns out to be the Scottish Daily Record Newspaper, Scottish Business Insider Magazine and The Scottish Retail Consortium.

I would hazard a wee guess that The Scottish Retail Consortium is a group of shops — probably those located at Braehead! So maybe they voted for themselves. Fair enough. In a similarly cynical way, I would have to suppose that the newspaper and magazine would receive a considerable advertising revenue for the shopping centre, so it is possible that this award is far from independent or objective.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Braehead is better than Silverburn and East Kilbride, but I do object to this campaign as it is so bombastic and smacks of desperation to be honest. They ought to rise above all that. Braehead is well established, it has an arena, ice skating and cinema, and is close to Ikea and Xscape. It has nothing to fear from East Kilbride (which charges car parking), and Pollok (which has nothing special to offer).

The downside to all of these shopping centres is the traffic! They are all car-oriented, although some gains have recently been made with buses. Forget subways and trains. Maybe in summer (if we ever get one again), Braehead will be able to cash in again on access by boat along the Clyde.


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