Gutter Press

[Picture of the Daily Star newspaper’s front page]CHILDREN CAN SEE THE FRONT PAGES OF TABLOID NEWSPAPERS.

[Close up of Daily Star cover]I was totally shocked to see the front page of The Daily Star today as it shows a photograph of oral sex under the caption “There She Blows!” with the promise of more pictures on inside pages.

Personally, I think this was ill-judged.  I feel it went too far.  Oddly enough, the main cover story — “Britney Dirty Dances for £2Million” — would be easier to explain to an inquisitive child than “There She Blows!”.

How far can we fall?  How bad does it need to get before we say it is not right for the cover?

Most men I know who buy The Daily Star do so more from habit than because of the front cover (more interest is given to the back cover) — but I am glad to see so many of these good chaps agreeing with me about this cover.

Not a paper to be taken home I would suppose.


2 Responses to “Gutter Press”

  1. John Says: is a website that shows how young girls are being manipulated to being sexy instead of clever how we are dumbing down

  2. Getting Worse-- "Smells Fishy" Says:

    […]Cross Ref […]

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