Outdoor Nasal Display

[Picture of Thornham events brochure with girl picking her nose]A GIRL PICKING HER NOSE IN THE CENTRE OF A PHOTOGRAPH.

This would once have meant that the picture would be discarded — even by the standards of  a normal family snapshot; it would be discounted in the same way as a blurry or overexposed picture.

It certainly would not be considered as worthy of the cover of a glossy brochure publicising events — yet this is exactly what happened in Thornham this year!  Click on the picture to enlarge.  It beggars belief — things may be getting worse, but at least (after a storm of public protest), it was withdrawn and replaced by something more attractive!

Poor wee girl for being so publicly humiliated and captured in flagrante delicto for posterity. The explanation given, by the way, was that the local authorities wanted to portray a feeling of genuine reality, rather than anything too posed or polished!


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