Litter to the Council

[Picture of Rubbish in lane off Kilmarnock Rd]THE LITTER EPIDEMIC IN SHAWLANDS IS GETTING WORSE!

I walk past a lane on Kilmarnock Road almost every day, and I cannot ever recall a time when it has been free from rubbish — but it is getting worse lately, and I know the area is suffering a serious rat problem. Click on the picture to enlarge, and bear in mind that this is on the busiest road/ shopping street south of the river – the lane is, in fact, between two rows of busy shops. Imagine the scene when it has been raining!

In recent years, the council (in a silly attempt to encourage “recycling”) refuse to uplift from back lanes and courts, insisting instead that everyone dump stuff on pavements out to the front of their homes for uplift on specific days.

[Picture of a “dumped” toilet WC pan]The result is unhealthy, ugly and dangerous. In the past, when people were having minor works carried out on their flat, rubbish would be immediately removed and dumped out back in the lane or at the bins for uplift. It is reasonable and perfectly understandable to me that people would not want to store the rubbish inside their newly renovated homes until a special rubbish uplift day — but that is what the council seems to want us all to do nowadays!

The idea that you dump stuff out the front depends on the dumping only being done on specific days — and that is just unworkable! The result is that people dump their rubbish as and when they want, and it can lie there until it is uplifted on it’s special day.

I wish someone would realise the truth about human nature, and admit that the scheme has failed — then we can resort to putting the rubbish out in the back lane where it can lie until uplifted at a time that suits the council.

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5 Responses to “Litter to the Council”

  1. Agnes Spaulding Says:

    This policy created a fly tipping culture and encourages the habit of littering and dumping. Why would you look for a bin for your litter, if you see a big pile of rubbish on every pavement?

  2. Getting Worse-- "The Big Rubbish Scam" Says:

    […] Cross Ref […]

  3. Neighbour Says:

    Well Done “Getting Worse” this lane has been cleaned up for the first time in at least 12 years as far as I can remember. It is now spick and span and they have even painted it! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

  4. Andrew Farish Says:


    We have designed and Patented a brand new approach to cigarette and chewing gum litter control. We have just won a pan European Red Dot product Design Award 2008 and our Smartstreets-Smartbin has now been adopted by over 35 Councils across Europe.

    If you are interested to see what we are doing and find out why our approach is working extremely well in cities across Europe please visit and

    Our litter bins are made from recycled aluminium and stainless steel and reduce clutter by wrapping around existing street furniture such as lamp-posts and sign-posts (as well as fixing onto walls and railings) – making it a sustainable solution to a very messy, damaging litter problem.

    We hope to be appearing in a city near you soon .. and that cigarette and gum litter will be reduced as a result to everyone’s benefit.

    Thank you for your interest – from all at Smartstreets Ltd, London, UK +44 (0)20 8742 3223

  5. Wheelie Bins Says:

    Get some of the locals to help clear the rubbish and get the council to set up cameras. might help stop the problem.

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