Police Exemptions

Police Horse Droppings on Pollokshaws Rd

BAG IT AND BIN IT is the law — and if you do not pick up your dog’s poop, you can get fined on the spot… unless you are the police.

Police Dogs and Police Horses can poo anywhere — check out the picture (click on the thumbnail to enlarge), and no-one has to pick up their droppings!

Close up of horse doo

On top of that, as evidenced by the photographs, they seem to think they can use the red lane sectioned off for the exclusive use of Buses, Taxis and Bicycles!

Apart from the obvious flaunting of many laws, look at the danger this shit represents to the poor bicyclist.  Not just in attracting flies for them to swallow, but they present an obstacle or slipping hazard.

Things are getting worse when the police think they can do whatever they want.  It seems to be a case of one law for them and another law for the rest of us!  They are literally riding roughshod over us, and crapping on us from a great height! How ironic!


Braehead’s Gives itself an Award!

[Picture of Award at Braehead]BRAEHEAD SHOPPING CENTRE HAS WON AN AWARD! This must be in reaction to the opening of Silverburn at Pollok. Throughout the shopping centre, signs boast:

Beneath, we can see that the award was given by the “Scottish Retail Excellence Awards” — which then turns out to be the Scottish Daily Record Newspaper, Scottish Business Insider Magazine and The Scottish Retail Consortium.

I would hazard a wee guess that The Scottish Retail Consortium is a group of shops — probably those located at Braehead! So maybe they voted for themselves. Fair enough. In a similarly cynical way, I would have to suppose that the newspaper and magazine would receive a considerable advertising revenue for the shopping centre, so it is possible that this award is far from independent or objective.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Braehead is better than Silverburn and East Kilbride, but I do object to this campaign as it is so bombastic and smacks of desperation to be honest. They ought to rise above all that. Braehead is well established, it has an arena, ice skating and cinema, and is close to Ikea and Xscape. It has nothing to fear from East Kilbride (which charges car parking), and Pollok (which has nothing special to offer).

The downside to all of these shopping centres is the traffic! They are all car-oriented, although some gains have recently been made with buses. Forget subways and trains. Maybe in summer (if we ever get one again), Braehead will be able to cash in again on access by boat along the Clyde.

Rain Drain

[Picture of puddle over brand new drain]TRAFFIC CALMING MEANS NARROW ROADS. Narrow roads mean widened pavements, which in turn mean new drains that do not work. Drains that do not work mean puddles, and this makes for even more traffic calming. Genius!

Click on the picture to enlarge — can you see the new drain under the puddle? You may also see where the new pavement widening starts (along with new but redundant double yellow lines). Parking there might require a pair of Wellington boots or a good sense of balance and a deftness in the skipping department. No wonder people prefer to keep their brakes dry and park on the pavement — it’s safer all round.

[Picture of fridges at school crossing]Sometimes, the drain is sited in a random daft location. What is the point of a drain that is NOT at the lowest point?

[Picture of Double drains]For such a rain-soaked country, I am amazed at the inconsistencies in managing rainwater. Just look at this picture of TWO drains, side-by-side, on a pavement (not even on the road), that is next to rain-absorbing grass! At the very least, you have to ask why there are two.

[Picture of drains on Clyde Arc]However, then you may notice the paranoia the designers clearly faced on the ill-fated “squinty bridge” or Clyde Arc . I have taken the trouble to number the drains on the picture — just click on it to enlarge for a better view. You will note the closeness of each drain to the others, but note too that the entire bridge is sloped in every possible way — is this not drain overkill? Could they not have just used holes to let water through and down to the river below?

Yep. Things are getting worse!

Opening Hours: None!


However, not in Glasgow;  I found a notice of “opening hours” that only contains the following information: CLOSED! Perhaps the notice would have been better entitled “Closing Hours”!

Click on the picture to enlarge for a better view! 

An ill Wind


Further to our earlier article on product recall notices in shops, (see Total Recall),  we now bring you the product recall safety notice.

In this case, the safety notice pertains to a particular whoopee cushion — the orange type. According to the safety notice posted on the shop window, Woolworth’s safety checks (pardon?) have unearthed issues with this colour of whoopee cushion, and any customer who bought the orange whoopee cushion better bring it back to the store ASAP and get a replacement whoopee cushion or claim a refund… BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE (presumably)!

I am not quite sure of the position of those who have already bought and used this orange whoopee cushion — maybe there are victims already in casualty or A&E departments of local hospitals.  Perhaps the physicians are documenting the pandemic of arses suffering from the effects of orange type whoopee cushions (a.k.a. whoopee cushions gone bad).

The mind (and possibly trousers) boggle! See you in court — and no laughing!

Gutter Press

[Picture of the Daily Star newspaper’s front page]CHILDREN CAN SEE THE FRONT PAGES OF TABLOID NEWSPAPERS.

[Close up of Daily Star cover]I was totally shocked to see the front page of The Daily Star today as it shows a photograph of oral sex under the caption “There She Blows!” with the promise of more pictures on inside pages.

Personally, I think this was ill-judged.  I feel it went too far.  Oddly enough, the main cover story — “Britney Dirty Dances for £2Million” — would be easier to explain to an inquisitive child than “There She Blows!”.

How far can we fall?  How bad does it need to get before we say it is not right for the cover?

Most men I know who buy The Daily Star do so more from habit than because of the front cover (more interest is given to the back cover) — but I am glad to see so many of these good chaps agreeing with me about this cover.

Not a paper to be taken home I would suppose.

The Big Rubbish Scam


We have posted many articles here about this, check them out…

[Picture of Council Rubbish Poster]Unfortunately, instead of doing anything constructive or positive about all the rubbish we have to put up with, the city’s answer is to put up posters!

And these posters carry a threat — we could actually be fined if we do not put rubbish out on proper days, and if we do not keep everything neat and tidy!

The responsibility is ours — not the city council’s! What do we pay council tax for?

There is always a let out clause with the council rubbish uplift — it’s called Health and Safety. If there are rats, they can refuse to uplift. What then? According to an article in Glasgow’s Evening Times:

“Patrick McManus, 34, an architectural technician who lives in a nearby block in Calder Street, said:

‘It’s starting to look like Paddy’s Market.
‘There are rats everywhere and notices up in the back court warning people about them. It’s a health risk. I’m just sick of it. I’m trying to sell my house and am paying my council tax, so why can’t they sort it out?'”(Evening Times 30 July 2007)

Glasgow City Council even has a web page dedicated to the rat problem:

There is also a 24 hour telephone number: 0141 287 9700 and select option 3.

“Do not expect instant results. Rats are naturally wary of new food sources and it may be some time before they are comfortable eating the bait. Once they start to feed on the bait it can take between 3 to 10 days for the poison to be effective. You must make sure that children and pets never get access to any rat poison”

The British pest Control Association can provide a list of exterminators on-line — it’s very short and simple form:

The BBC warned about rats back in 2002 when all this rubbish on the streets began — see:

By the way, rubbish, vermin, filth and litter is not a local problem, it is countrywide one:

This BBC TV program shows that even though people are paying council tax, they are having to resort to picking up litter themselves.

[Picture of Clean Glasgow poster asking for litter uplifters]Amazingly, this approach is actually a formal and official procedure in Glasgow!  As part of the “Clean Glasgow” Campaign, volunteers are encouraged to collect litter in their spare time — and for no pay!

[Picture of Evening Times Naming and Shaming Anti-Litter campaign]The Glasgow evening newspaper took the amazing step of printing lists of names of people convicted of littering — to a good deal of controversy! Check out their defence and the readers’ comments:

The”Clean Glasgow”campaign is costing an estimated £4 000 000 this year. In my opinion, four million pounds is a lot of money to supply bin bags for volunteers, rat poison, rat helpline and some posters. The Evening Times naming and shaming campaign printed lists in blocks of 500 — that means each list represents a block of income of on-the-spot fines of £50. So one list would bring in 25 grand!

The council are making mugs of us.  If you drop a cigarette butt, you are fined £50 on top of your council tax.  Meantime, the putting the rubbish out front policy is leading to health and safety issues, which in turn means that rubbish cannot be uplifted until somebody calls the 24 hours rat helpline, the poison takes effect and then perhaps the volunteers can arrive to do the work (bin bags supplied, of course).

The only way out of this is to have the city council change policy back to placing rubbish in lanes and away from the pavements.  That would encourage people to refrain from dropping litter, and make everywhere better and cleaner. Admittedly, the problem will have shifted round the back — but is it not better to have the rats there instead of where we all walk?

More rubbish bins and better collections would be good too — and could be paid for from the vast profits of the on-the-spot fines.

It is adding insult to injury to ask volunteers to pick up rubbish and remove piles of fly-tipped goods.  At the very least this should be a punishment meted out to people with ASBOs — perhaps a form of community service?

Things are getting worse, when we put up with this scam, and when we allow councils to shirk the community responsibility tat is the reason for their very existence!

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