Wet Bools

[Picture of Bowling Green at Pollok Park]BOWLING GREENS ARE FAMOUSLY WELL-KEPT.

Greenkeepers take great pains to ensure a carpet-like finish to the grass lawns used for bowling — what a shame no-one at Pollok park thought to design in some drainage!

[Picture of Bowling Green at Pollok Park]All that manicured turf and hard work gone to waste. Things are getting worse when this sort of thing can happen; it is not as though the rainfall has been particularly heavy, there have been no severe weather warnings, no flash floods, no emergency — just the normal drizzly Scottish wetness that we really ought to be able to cope with by now!


3 Responses to “Wet Bools”

  1. Bill Fraser Says:

    Sorry to hear about your drainage problems – another example of park mismanagement by the Council?
    Join our campaign against GoApe in the park and signe our petition at:

  2. shawlander Says:

    It doesn’t add up; you suggest that the park is mismanaged (the flooding being evidence), but rather than allow a company such as GO APE to do better, you want GO APE to go away and for the park to continue to be mismanaged!

    LOL! You don’t seem to have thought it through very well — but then I am not surprised because you obviously are in the habit of not checking your facts — for example, you clearly have not read this blog, if you had you would know that we ARE FOR GO APE!

    We therefore would recommend that people don’t bother signing your petition, but instead consider OUR argument by reading our well-thought-out post https://gettingworse.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/apes-in-the-park/

  3. fornetti Says:

    I do not believe this

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